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We are a leading service provider of innovative in-store retail solutions to the Southern African Retail Sector. Specialising in EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) we supply Security Antennas (Pedestals), Security Labels, Security Tags and a range of Open Display Security products.

Open Display Security
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We supply, install and maintain innovative systems to the South African retail sector.

Whether you call it shoplifting, shrinkage or stock loss, the fact is it hits your bottom line. Retailers who implement a loss prevention strategy using EAS systems experience a significant reduction in shrinkage when compared to retailers who failed to implement an EAS strategy.

Allow our industry leading expertise and comprehensive range of solutions to power your loss prevention strategy.

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EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)

EAS (Electronic Article Surveilance)

We deliver industry-leading products and solutions to support our customer’s retail shrinkage and loss prevention strategies.

Through the application of the most advanced retail technology, and an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by retailers, we assist our clients to eradicate lost sales and improve store performance.

We offer a wide range of EAS products from entry-level through to highly sophisticated systems tailored to our customer’s requirements. In addition we provide a wide selection of Security Labels and Tags along with their respective Detachers and Deactivators.

All our EAS systems come with online management capabilities allowing for remote system service and maintenance performed from our office to reduce the need for onsite service calls.

Our customer counting solutions include integrated and standalone options. The integrated solution uses cloud-based technology to deliver real-time customer data to your management team, and is ideal for retailers with multiple stores.

  • Entrance & Exit Antennas
  • Detachers, Desensitisers, & deactivators
  • Tags & Labels
  • Customer counting systems: integrated and standalone people counters (footfall / foot counters)
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Open Display Security

Open Display Security

Customers who interact with your products during the sales process are significantly more likely to make a purchase. Balance your need to secure your high-risk products from theft with the benefits of providing a full tactile customer experience by using our Open Display Security solutions.

Our Open Display Security solutions are easily integrated into various display models, providing scalable anti-theft securing of free-touch demo products such as telephones, tablets, cameras, connected watches, GPS, headphones, etc.

For merchandise that needs to be completely untethered during an assisted customer interaction but still needs to be securely displayed, our Secured Box solutions provide a one-click unlock with IR remote control to swiftly access the product. No more embarrassing delays searching for the correct cabinet key.

Secure your products, enhance customer experience, and boost sales with our Open Display Security solutions.

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